David Hildebrand

David HildebrandDavid Hildebrand worked at WITC for more than four decades, serving as WITC's president for 20 years.

Where is he now? Since retiring in 2004, Dave continues to support WITC in many ways, including tutoring math at WITC-Rice Lake. His reason? "Math is difficult for many students to comprehend, yet it is a very critical skill that is needed to be successful in business or industry. Math is critical in navigating our complex society."

Dave and his wife Sue continue to make a positive impact on the WITC community through their charitable gifts to Northwood Technical College. In addition to various program grants, their gifts have brought the establishment of the President Hildebrand Professional Development Fund, a fund that makes it possible for WITC employees to participate in professional development to enhance job performance, leadership potential or personal effectiveness. "The fund's goal is to focus on the staff that are essential to WITC and give them an opportunity to attend conferences and trainings that will help them grow professionally," Dave said.

Dave and Sue believe strongly in the mission of WITC and in planning for the future. They have a passion which they have not only lived out, but also passed on to their two children.

For these reasons, Dave and Sue plan to continue to support WITC in their memory with a planned endowment.

What led them to choose WITC? "I am very aware that many students at WITC do not receive financial support from their family. Many live paycheck to paycheck and struggle to put food on the table I've worked with students who can't make it to our tutoring session because they can't afford gas or afford to repair their car."